Friday, 1 June 2012

Falling off the Radar...

Sorry!  I've been either gardening, socialising or ill.  All of which means I have very little in the way of sewing to show off here, hence no blog posts.  Unless you'd all like to see my recent forays into the wild overgrown jungle we like to pretend is the back garden?

Anyhows...  I had a birthday a couple of weeks back (no, I'm not sharing how old I am, stop asking!) and with birthdays come birthday parties!  And that obviously means dressing up!

We went for a picnic in one of our (many) local parks and I dressed up (slightly) steam punk.  My wonderful husband agreed to let me make him some stuff as well!

Also, with the exception the brown cotton and the brown ribbon all the fabrics I used were presents.

The skirt was made from this tutorial. The under skirt is green taffeta and the over skirt is some kind of silk.

The shirt is my new favourite pattern. Simplicity 2310.  It's made in brown cotton, trimmed with brown satin ribbon and was a lovely sew.  The coat is another Simplicity - 2172.  Green acetate satin and yet more of the brown ribbon!

I didn't make the corset, it's from corsets UK and s part of their steam punk range!

I'll show off Colin's outfit on Tuesday, but for now, I need to go and have another lie down.  Have a lovely weekend!