Monday, 28 September 2015

Doll Prospera

Prospera's physrep has had a birthday!

This clearly means a present and what better than Prospera herself in doll form?

The doll is made to my usual self drafted pattern. The rest of the clothing and hair is hand sewn and as close to Prospera's clothing as I could make it.

 The studded leather armour is suede beaded with silver seed beads.  That was probably the fiddliest bit of work on the doll. 

Overall I'm quite pleased with her!  And very hopeful that recipient likes her as much as I do!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Rose Remade

My first ever larp character is a healer called Rose.  The first bit of her kit that appears on this blog is a brown dress as seen here.

Only...  As you can see the fit wasn't amazing and I quickly decided I didn't like it all that much.

Now, her original ever day kit was (dare I admit it?) getting a little tight.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make new every day kit by re making the dress to fit me better.

I made a new chemise in the italian renaissance style and a new bodice out of the original green suede.

I adore the sleeves on the chemise!  So pretty!  The cuffs are a simple tie that I gathered the sleeve fabric into.  They fasten by tying a bow.

To make up for the fact I no longer wear her arm bracers I beaded her holy symbol and added the patch to the bodice.  It's also trimmed with a pretty rose ribbon and laced with the original brown dresses cording.

Many thanks to my wonderful photographer Sam, for helping me squeeze these photos in before I went off larping!  The chemise, in  case you are wondering has had two launderings and is nearly back to pristine white...

Obligatory silly face pic

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tiny Hats

Lovely friends have welcomed a new addition into the world!  I made and sent some tiny hats, using this tutorial.

They have been kind enough to send back photos of the tiny one modelling her tiny hats! With their permission I share them with you here.

Isn't she gorgeous?  As you can see, I made one purple rose print hat and one red starry hat.  I adore this pattern, it's a nice straight forward romp on the over locker and the results are so pretty!

We will be back to larp kit on Thursday, I've been overhauling some stuff!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Introducing New Larpers

Yes, Small Bean has been allowed to play with larp weapons (under supervision I feel I should add)!

I know this isn't me making kit, but her parents agree with me - these photo's are too cute not to share!

Oooh, what's this I've found?

Hrm...  Perhaps I can borrow this stick whilst Auntie Luthaisea isn't looking...

Ok, I'm sorted!  Lead me to the larp and let me at the monsters!

Apologies for the lack of blog recently, an abundance of Life happened.!  Hopefully back to normal, at least for a while now!