Monday, 26 March 2012

A Shirt for an Archer and a Mini-Adventure

Sorry about dropping of the radar briefly last week.  My computer died, and for a while we didn't know if my files and whatnot were recoverable, so I didn't have any photos to share.  However now I have a rather shiny new laptop and all my files have been saved.  Hurrah!

So yes, one red shirt for Felix the Archer.

 These are the boring pictures, mostly so I can show of the very pretty red shell buttons I found for it.  It's red cotton and the pattern is Simplicity 2895.  I was very pleased with the plackets and yoke this time, as I managed to make them so neat I couldn't work out which was the right and wrong side...

And here it is about to be used for the first time.  I really like how the shirt has been colour co-ordinated to the quivers!

Today I went on a mini-adventure - one of those wonderful spur of the moment outings!  After work I headed into town and my friend and I went to the Fashion Museum, which is a lovely place where you can go and look at clothing examples from the 1600's through to predicting this summers coming trends.  We didn't bother with the audio guides (We've both been several times before), but we did stop to do a little dress up...

This is me modelling one of the many corsets and crinoline hooped underskirts!  The corset wasn't very exciting (I own a fair few with steel boning already), but I wanted it to help the crinoline sit properly.  I have decided that a crinoline is now officially on my to make list.  I love the shape it gives!

Oh, and just to show that you can sit down in a corset and what is essentially a wire skirt...

So, that was my Monday.  How was yours?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Mothers Day

As I think I've mentioned before I love aprons and I'm pretty sure I get this from my mum!  So what better present to make for mothers day than (another) pretty apron?

Pretty blue trim!
I found the trim in my local haberdashery a few weeks back and I knew it was just what mum would like so I went looking for a fabric to match!

The fabric is a polycotton print and though I haven't managed to get good pictures the blues in the flowery print match the crochet lace trim blue beautifully!

The pattern is Butterick 5509 and it really is such a lovely pattern!  I altered it slightly by adding the patch pocket and trim but there you go.  I like changing things around.

Now I need to spread some very expensive fabric out (eek!) and start cutting into it.  See you all on Thursday!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Satchel Bags and Floaty Frocks

It was my 'twin's' birthday on Friday, so what could be more appropriate as a gift than a little bit of extra larp kit?  In between fittings on my current big project (a full set of 1912 evening wear, it's going to be so awesome when it's done!) I ran him up a bag.
Posing is an important part of larp...


 Sorry about the poor lighting, we were in a tearing hurry to head to the pub for an evening of IC shenanigans.  Speaking of which, I know I've shown this dress before, but I thought you might like some pictures of me wearing it!

I was so dizzy at the end of this twirl!

Floaty dress is floaty!  And not that I made them, but check out my gold boots!  Aren't they gorgeous? They were bought with a future steampunk outfit in mind, but I am far too in love with them to let them sit in the back of my cupboard.

Right, I need to head back to the sewing machine.  I should have a red shirt to show you on Thursday.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring has sprung...

The grass is riz, I wonder where dem burdies is?

A bizarre little rhyme that I don't know when or where I learnt.  However every spring it pops into my head!

I needed some quiet sewing to do this afternoon (a friend came over and we were chatting so machining was out) I decided on a little embroidery.  It serves two purposes as my wondeful husband is always complaining I don't display enough of my work in our house!

It's embroidered on linen and all I've used is backstitch and satin stitch.  The faint purple outine is an air soluble fabric pen and I love using it!  It's all be vanished tomorrow and it's so handy for sketching out my ideas.  

I have many embroidery books and lots of plans for detailed intricate pieces, but some how, I always come back to chain, satin and back stitch.  I adore their elegant simplicity.  

I'm busy with a muslin of some evening wear right now (sleeves are awkward) which I hope to show you on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Odds and Ends

Busy, busy, busy!  So many projects on the go right now I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever finish anything ever again! Logically I know I will, but even so my blue velvet frock coat is regrettably far in the future.

Still, could be worse, at least the stuff I'm sewing is fun!

Last week I ran up a quick knitting needle roll.  It's to hold circular needles and knitting accessories and matches an earlier roll that sadly I don't have any photos of.

I quite like it and I'm told the recipient is also happy with it so that's all good.

The other thing I realised I haven't shown is a simple little embroidery I did for my husband for Valentine's Day (yes we do celebrate Valentines, yes I am aware it's a commercial holiday etc, etc, no I don't care...)

It's just chain stitch on linen but it was quite a fun sew.  I drew the design on to the linen with a fade out fabric pen and off I went.  It took two evenings to do the whole thing and get it in the frame.

Maybe I'll get something finished before Thursday?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bath Lit Fest, A Sneaky Peek!

It's not often I can blog about kit before I use it, but as I'm all set with this outfit in plenty of time I thought I'd show it off a day early!

Tomorrow is the start of the Bath Lit Fest and we got asked to go along.  We're playing survivors of the battle of Dyrham and need Dark Ages Kit.  Nothing I have is that suitable, but I do love the look and I had some trim that was the right sort of thing, so I begged some fabric of my mum, ordered army blankets from the internet and away I went.

I think it's kind of fun!
It's a very simple pair of dresses.  I made the over dress first by using my shoulder measurements at the top and making an A-line shape down the dress to end mid calf.  The sleeves are the scraps of uncut blanket folded over, stitched and given a basic shoulder shape at the top. I then over locked the raw edges and trimmed it mainly to hide the over locking.

The under dress is cotton voile (for authenticity it should be linen, but oh well).  It has the same shape as the over dress but slightly narrower arm holes and the sleeves narrow and obviously sleeves and bottom hem are longer than the over dress.

It's belted by a long strip of left over army blanket.  Tomorrow when I wear it I plan to hang my larp dagger off the belt, but I need to find the scabbard first.  If I get time this evening then I also plan to make a small pouch to hang of my belt which will contain my phone and keys etc.

Sorry I didn't post on Monday but I spent most of last week suffering toothache and spring cleaning so I didn't have a lot to show you.  Not hugely sure if I'll have much next week either.  I am working on things but they are large and complicated and therefore unlikely to be done in a week.  So I must beg indulgence for my absences!