Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring has sprung...

The grass is riz, I wonder where dem burdies is?

A bizarre little rhyme that I don't know when or where I learnt.  However every spring it pops into my head!

I needed some quiet sewing to do this afternoon (a friend came over and we were chatting so machining was out) I decided on a little embroidery.  It serves two purposes as my wondeful husband is always complaining I don't display enough of my work in our house!

It's embroidered on linen and all I've used is backstitch and satin stitch.  The faint purple outine is an air soluble fabric pen and I love using it!  It's all be vanished tomorrow and it's so handy for sketching out my ideas.  

I have many embroidery books and lots of plans for detailed intricate pieces, but some how, I always come back to chain, satin and back stitch.  I adore their elegant simplicity.  

I'm busy with a muslin of some evening wear right now (sleeves are awkward) which I hope to show you on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

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