Monday, 12 March 2012

Satchel Bags and Floaty Frocks

It was my 'twin's' birthday on Friday, so what could be more appropriate as a gift than a little bit of extra larp kit?  In between fittings on my current big project (a full set of 1912 evening wear, it's going to be so awesome when it's done!) I ran him up a bag.
Posing is an important part of larp...


 Sorry about the poor lighting, we were in a tearing hurry to head to the pub for an evening of IC shenanigans.  Speaking of which, I know I've shown this dress before, but I thought you might like some pictures of me wearing it!

I was so dizzy at the end of this twirl!

Floaty dress is floaty!  And not that I made them, but check out my gold boots!  Aren't they gorgeous? They were bought with a future steampunk outfit in mind, but I am far too in love with them to let them sit in the back of my cupboard.

Right, I need to head back to the sewing machine.  I should have a red shirt to show you on Thursday.

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