Monday, 19 March 2012

Mothers Day

As I think I've mentioned before I love aprons and I'm pretty sure I get this from my mum!  So what better present to make for mothers day than (another) pretty apron?

Pretty blue trim!
I found the trim in my local haberdashery a few weeks back and I knew it was just what mum would like so I went looking for a fabric to match!

The fabric is a polycotton print and though I haven't managed to get good pictures the blues in the flowery print match the crochet lace trim blue beautifully!

The pattern is Butterick 5509 and it really is such a lovely pattern!  I altered it slightly by adding the patch pocket and trim but there you go.  I like changing things around.

Now I need to spread some very expensive fabric out (eek!) and start cutting into it.  See you all on Thursday!

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