Monday, 30 October 2017

New Coat!

So, I didn't mean to have multiple weeks away from blogging, but I was so busy sewing I ran out of time for writing!  Must try harder to find the balance again....

Any how, I do at least have a fair few things to show you and some of them have benefited from Katy's excellent photography skills!

So, as the weather is turning cold, I really needed a new coat and as I had some gorgeous English wool left over (from a project I'll show you another day) I turned my head to the thoughts of warm but also sparkly and this is what I made!

The pattern is McCalls 6800 Version B.

The outer fabric is English wool and it's lined in satin. 

I added corset lacing to the back, just because it's a detail I love and I've wanted a coat with it for a while now!  I also added ribbons to the cuffs, collar and hem and buttons, diamantes and butterflies to the lapels.

The buttons are shell and I was so pleased at how well everything co-ordinates!  I bought the coat buttons, corset lacing ribbon and lining fabric and everything else came from my stash so it's been a great stash buster!

 As you can see from my face - I'm quite pleased with this!  And now, for what I think it the first time ever, I leave you with a video!  I advise watching with the sound off (I didn't know Katy was filming or I'd have shut up!)