Monday, 6 August 2012

Proud Auntie Moments

I am a very proud step mum and also a very proud auntie. My stepdaughter and my nieces are clearly the best!  My husband, stepdaughter and I headed down to visit my in laws for the end of last week.  Last time we were there my eldest niece was part of a gifted and talented class for sewing and I taught her crochet.  So I took a large basket of assorted yarns and threads, some cotton and linen and crochet hooks and knitting needles.

The girls all wanted to learn knitting this time, so away we went!  By the end of the weekend both my nieces could knit and cast off, and my eldest niece can cast on as well.  My stepdaughter mixed knitting with a bit of cross stitch, so she didn't worry about casting on or off.

My stepdaughters colourful knitting
A very neat first go from my youngest niece
So much enthusiasm from my eldest niece

Cast on, knitted and cast off entirely without my help!

The crochet has also grown since I saw it last...

And here are some of my eldest neice's sewing projects!

Shoulder bag, made entirely to her own design

A sweet gathered skirt made in the gifted and talented class
And none of them teenagers yet! Don't I have some clever girls to be proud of?  I'll try and find time later in the week to show you my new skirt!