Monday, 29 May 2017

Star Wars T-Shirt

I had some scraps, so I ran up a daytime t-shirt for Mr Kit!

I used my twin needle to stitch the hems down on this and I think it's worked really well!

I also used the smaller size t-shirt pattern and I think the fit is much nicer.

Mr Kit wears it a lot, so I think it's a hit!

He doesn't like modelling for me though, so apologies for the picture background!  I had to take them quickly, before he changed his mind!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Larp Kit Poncho

Finally got around to making Lizard a poncho that's not cosplay but her own larp kit!

It's brown fleece and trimmed with a pink ribbon.

I added a ribbon loop and button to help it stay closed!

It was well received, but I think we're at the point where Lizard just assumes new clothing will happen every time I appear!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Decorating in the Garden!

As I believe I have mentioned previously, I'm spending a lot of time in the garden recently.  We have such a pretty garden and I spend nearly as much time on pinterest looking at ways to add even more prettiness to it both through planting and through garden art.

One of the ideas I've liked a lot is an old key mobile and having some unexpected free time the other day (plus a load of old keys, some twine and a handy tree branch), I made this!

I'm sorry it's hard to see, but I rather like how it fades in.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Adventures in Upholstery!

When we moved, we swapped various bits of furniture around, to suit the new house better. This meant I had to give Mr Kit his lovely desk chair back and I got two of what used to be our dining chairs. 

 They are good chairs but their covers were shocking!  The best bit about the covers though is that they velcro'd on and off so I was able to take one off, pull it apart and make new covers!

I used upholstery velvet for the backs and sides and three of my favourite cottons for the fronts!

I'm very happy with my chairs and they really suit the look I'm going for in my craft room.  I'll show you the room properly once I've redecorated but it might be some time before that happens!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Owl Brooch

I have never tried needle felting before this kit, but I have to say I'd like some more!

This was another lovely present and it's taken me a stupidly long time to get round to it, mostly because I needed a sponge to work on and I kept forgetting to buy one for the longest time!

Mine is not nearly as good as the one on the box front, but I quite like it!

I don't know that I'll wear it as a brooch though, as it's a trifle on the large side.  I'm debating popping it on Ossia's bag though as I think it would be sweet!

Here it is next to the box for a size comparison!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Pipe Cleaner Angels

Another Kit!  (I've been on a roll recently).  This was also a cute in a tin kit, but I am afraid I forgot to take a picture of the tin.

How much fun are these?!

Once again, all the bits were provided (though I did need a pair of scissors) and I spent a very pleasant evening assembling them all and working out all the different petal skirt combinations.

 They are currently all lined up on my bookshelf in the lounge, though unlike Tuesday's hedgehogs these are out of the reach of small people as I'm a bit worried about pointy bits and small hands.

Don't they look fun though?!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Hedgehog Kit

Goodness me I didn't mean to be away from blogging!  My only excuse is that the garden is a delight and I revel in digging and planting and weeding in my free time, at which point I'm too sleepy to write, so you'll all have to forgive me.

I've spent what few evenings I've had awake working on kits.  I love kits!  Kind people give them to me for gifts and so I have a supply carefully squirrelled away for when I want to make something but I'm too tired to work it out from scratch.

Today I want to show you some lovely hedgehogs!

As you can see they came in a lovely tin!

The big one was the only hedgehog that needed any making up.  Needle and thread was provided, as was stuffing.  

As you can see the fluff made it easy to hide the stitches.

Now I have two sweet little hedgehogs to join my large collection of soft toys for when the small people pop round for a visit!