Thursday, 28 November 2013

Fox Pouch

I was reading Eskimimi's blog a while ago and she put up this pattern.  At which point I thought - Yay!  Birthday present for Tinker sorted. 

I dug through my fabric and located my last bit of orange fleece, some orange thread and then went into the scraps box for white fleece and black leather.  I struggled a bit to follow her instructions, not because the instructions aren't clear, but because I'm a bit rubbish at reading and comprehending any kind of instruction. 

A couple of hours later, I had this!

I'm not overly convinced mine looks like a fox, but I do think it's cute.

Also, apologies for the shortness of the posts right now.  I'm busy making Christmas presents and for various reasons I can't show them right now so I'm scratching around to find things to put on here so I don't lose blogging momentum!  The good news is I've started queueing posts for January so I can show off all the lovely things I've made for friends!

Monday, 25 November 2013

NPC Kit Part 2


Here's a super simple tabard, made to show our 'spider swarms' that infest the Isle of Emeras.

To better show off the fabric, here's the bag I made to store them in.  The tabards are made of organza that has velvet flocked spiders printed on it.  I've shown off my fancy over locker stitch a bit and done a rolled hem edging on all the tabards.

The bag is a simple drawstring affair made out of poly cotton that was on my desk at the time of making the tabards!

On Thursday I'll show off the latest player kit I've made (fire-y tunic time!).  See you then!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

NPC Kit Part 1

As I'm sure you're all aware, I'm co-GMing this years BathLARP campaign.  So I haven't made a new character.  I have however, here and there, been making NPC kit.

Here's High Hydromancer Briony Nysier's meal kit.  Please excuse the dodgy photos, they were taken in a rush!

The over dress is khaki green cotton and to my usual adaption of McCalls 4997.  I edited the neckline slightly but that's all the editing I did.

 The under dress is cream printed poly cotton.  It has a fake bow at the front and is actually threaded with elastic.  As you can see here I embroidered the over gown edge with some quick fly stitching.

It's a very pretty, feminine outfit I feel, though not the most exciting.  That said I do feel I'd be quite happy with a wardrobe of under and over gowns to play with...

Next week I'll show you our 'spider swarms'!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Rainbow Shopping

I have spent most of this weekend in the South East, at my parents, celebrating my awesome Granny's birthday.  A good time was had by all and I loved catching up with my cousins in particular (lets not leave it so long next time though, yeah?).

The reason for me telling you this is, of course, that I thought you might like to see my birthday gift for my Granny!

It's not the most exciting of gifts, but everyone needs a shopping bag, right?

I embroidered the rainbow at my Monday night craft group, it's all chain stitch on linen.

 The lining is a cheerful poly cotton print I had in my stash and the colour stripes are all from various projects I've made at one time or an other.  In fact, regular readers may be able to play 'spot the project'!

I do love rainbows.  There's something so very cheering about them.  This little project brightened up my grey November days and I hope it brightens up my Granny's house.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Technicolour Dreamcoat Or Mini-Rainbow!

So, a while ago I showed a baby dress, made to welcome a certain Small Bean into the world. Well, I'm pleased to say that not only is she safely in the world, but that we hang out on a weekly basis for snuggles (with the bean), gossip (with her mum) and cake.

Last week, Miss Small Bean and I were so snuggly that Mummy very kindly left us to it.  But, before she went she mentioned how much Small Bean disliked her hat. Which got me thinking...  And on my desk I had a fleece off cut..  You know where this is going, don't you?

Rainbow hat!  A dinky version of this hat!  Miss Small Bean seemed happy enough in it and Mummy was super impressed and asked if she could have a matching hat.  We looked at the fabric left and decided either Mummy could have a hat or Small Bean could have a matching coat.  So they settled in on the sofa and I got busy again and an hour later we had this...

 It's a very simple little a-line coat/cardigan thing.  No pattern and mostly overlocked, to make sure it's nice and stretchy for a wriggly person to move around in!

So I am not out of rainbow fleece and my 'pseudo neice' has a new coat.  Which could totally double as larp kit...

Monday, 11 November 2013

Knitted Things!

So, here are the rest of the results of our knit along!

We made gloves and a hat each.

 Ta-daah!  As you can see, Amy used the same colour yarn for all of hers whilst I had different colours.

The hat is Autumn Pixie Hood by Tori Carroll  and was the biggest of the three things we picked.  Once we got to the repeat section we both got on pretty well, but the ribbing was evil.

 The gloves are Lacey Wristlets by Angela Juergens and despite several false starts by us both, they were great fun to knit!

 What we have learnt about knitting:-  

We like lace knitting.
We like chunky wool and needles
Youtube is our friend!
Knitting should not be attempted when tired


We are currently looking for a new project to continue to build on these things.  Any suggestions greatly welcomed!  Also, drop by on Thursday and see what happens when I have a tiny person and a tiny amount of fabric to play with!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Cape of Fluff!

Another new campaign make!  Justice priests are doing it in style this year!

The pattern is McCalls 4139.  The black fabric is corduroy, the red velvet and the white (very expensive) faux fur.

 It has a silver clasp amd was, quite frankly, a pig to make!  I don't think I'll be doing another one any time soon.  That said, I love how it looks and the fur is gorgeously fluffy.

Next week I'll be showing off some meal kit and hopefully my most recent knitting exploits!

Monday, 4 November 2013


No gloves, as sadly Amy couldn't make it on Sunday and I promised not to show them off until we can wear them together.  We have, today, finished our third knitted thing so next week might be a week of knitting!

For now though, let me show you my latest Folkwear pattern make!

It's the Folkwear Le Smoking Jacket pattern (and a cravat made using this tutorial).

 I've used super plush red velvet and gold satin.  I even managed the quilting on the lapels!

 It's unlined but has shoulder pads and it's very fluffy!

 Apologies for the dodgy photo quality, it was dark when we took the pictures (curse daylight saving time and work!).

 This is going to be used at a cthulu horror even in a few week and hopefully there will be some pics at the event that I can share with you all.  On Thursday I am going to show you a hooded mantle cape.  It's also fluffy!