Monday, 4 November 2013


No gloves, as sadly Amy couldn't make it on Sunday and I promised not to show them off until we can wear them together.  We have, today, finished our third knitted thing so next week might be a week of knitting!

For now though, let me show you my latest Folkwear pattern make!

It's the Folkwear Le Smoking Jacket pattern (and a cravat made using this tutorial).

 I've used super plush red velvet and gold satin.  I even managed the quilting on the lapels!

 It's unlined but has shoulder pads and it's very fluffy!

 Apologies for the dodgy photo quality, it was dark when we took the pictures (curse daylight saving time and work!).

 This is going to be used at a cthulu horror even in a few week and hopefully there will be some pics at the event that I can share with you all.  On Thursday I am going to show you a hooded mantle cape.  It's also fluffy!

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