Thursday, 14 November 2013

Technicolour Dreamcoat Or Mini-Rainbow!

So, a while ago I showed a baby dress, made to welcome a certain Small Bean into the world. Well, I'm pleased to say that not only is she safely in the world, but that we hang out on a weekly basis for snuggles (with the bean), gossip (with her mum) and cake.

Last week, Miss Small Bean and I were so snuggly that Mummy very kindly left us to it.  But, before she went she mentioned how much Small Bean disliked her hat. Which got me thinking...  And on my desk I had a fleece off cut..  You know where this is going, don't you?

Rainbow hat!  A dinky version of this hat!  Miss Small Bean seemed happy enough in it and Mummy was super impressed and asked if she could have a matching hat.  We looked at the fabric left and decided either Mummy could have a hat or Small Bean could have a matching coat.  So they settled in on the sofa and I got busy again and an hour later we had this...

 It's a very simple little a-line coat/cardigan thing.  No pattern and mostly overlocked, to make sure it's nice and stretchy for a wriggly person to move around in!

So I am not out of rainbow fleece and my 'pseudo neice' has a new coat.  Which could totally double as larp kit...


  1. The third picture is particularly super-lovely :D

    1. (It's Claire, btw xD Didn't realise it didn't sign in with my Google account!)


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