Thursday, 29 October 2015

Introducing Ossia - Part 3

I didn't entirely make this cape from scratch.  Remember this?  Well, I wasn't using it for anything else, so I ripped the old lining out and put a new one in, plus made it a ribbon tie rather than clasp fastening.

As you can see, the green trim isn't an exact match for the kit, but I left it due to it being a pain to unpick from the boiled wool mostly.

The lining is now a linen-look cotton in brown polka dot.  It's a bit thicker than the previous lining and because the boiled wool is apparently still stretching I left the lining hems separate this time!

 It adds the right amount of extra warmth to the over-robe and handily also means I have a hood, though I must admit I have no idea how the hood and antlers will work together!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Introducing Ossia - Part 2

As I said last week, Ossia also has a cape and robe, for her warm layers.

This is her sleeveless over-robe.  It's very, very warm!  I made it out of upholstery suede and lined it with faux fur scraps from various projects (some generously donated by Xanthipe).

As you can see, I flat lined it, then stitched the panels together!  The pattern is a modified Simplicity 2359.  I gave it a fur edging by making all my fur panels too long, folding them over the edges and stitching them down on the outside.

 In case you are wondering, the tail buttons on so I can make sure it's attached to the outer layer of whatever I am wearing.  It works surprisingly well!  Despite vigorous running, fighting and jumping around all larp it didn't come loose at all!

This works brilliantly as a way of staying warm and cosy, but in case of rain and cold upper arms I do also have a cloak that I will show you on Thursday.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Introducing Ossia - Part 1

Yes I have a new character!  This year I am playing a Animal druid by the name of Ossia Cervidae.  I have made quite a few bits of kit for her, so I have decided to split this over several blog posts!

The dress is made of linen, cotton and some scraps of a poly lace that was from one of my mum's ball gowns.  The pattern is a heavily modified Simplicity 0501.

 I decided that as much as I love Hattie's gown, this year I wanted a dress I felt pretty in but could still run around in.  The accessories are what make this kit, I feel, but the dress provides a great, practical but still lovely base layer.

I bought the antlers on Etsy from here, and the tail came from here.  Everything else (gloves, leg warmers not pictured here, belt pouch and bag) I made.

The makeup is from a tutorial found here, that inspired the whole character!  Next up I'll show off her sleeveless robe and cape.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Dorset Buttons

Dear friends, let this be a lesson on being careful what you wish for!

Aniseed's physrep gave me a beautiful crochet book for my birthday and filled it with post-it-notes with sweet comments!  On one of them was admiration for a Dorset button.

Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you wanna look at it), I know how to make Dorset buttons!

I spent a week or so working on these whilst ferrying children places and I'm really pleased with them!  The thread is a variegated cotton in her new character colours!

Once I had located a pretty bag to pop them in, I felt it was a good job well done!  Happy Birthday Trouble!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Introducing Damon Fleming

Yes, we're back to Larp Kit!

This is a scholars robe (and pointy thing that I have no idea what the name for is) that I made for a new Seeker.

This robe is specifically huge.  In this picture there are multiple layers (including a thick coat) underneath.  The theory being that the player can stay warm and toasty in winter.

The robe is made from cotton drill and gold ric-rac.  It has a concealed zip and pockets and the pattern is Butterick 5626.

It was a pretty straightforward sew, though I had to pleat the top as I couldn't get the fabric to gather!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Fancy Cake!

I found this recipe on pinterest...  And I knew I had to make it!

My piping is not all that, but I loved the ombre effect inside!

We enjoyed it during a tabletop game!

Thursday, 8 October 2015


I have been in love with this pattern of Eskimmi's for a while now.

However, I am also not brilliant at knitting in the round.  The thing is, I knew I wanted to make this for Xanthipe for her birthday, so with many deep breaths and steadying cups of tea (and some tears of frustration at my own inability to follow directions) I got down to it.

Look!  I did it!  I'm so pleased at how well it turned out! He's not perfect, but I am choosing to believe that his little imperfections give him character!


One of my small people saw my knitting it and wistfully remarked he'd like a hand knit Narwhal.  I think he might be out of luck though, as I have no intention of trying to knit another one any time soon!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Birthday Bag

Birthday present for a dearly loved one!

It's a very simple drawstring bad with the name appliqued in felt.

A cute ribbon round the top to finish it off and give it a little bit of pretty!  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

New T-Shirt!

Sadly, the transfers on the last batch of t-shirts I made are starting to wear off.  So I'm in the process of making new t-shirts with patterned fabric this time!

Yes this is a slightly oddly posed photo.  Small Bean, Tiny Bean and their Mum were round and these pics were taken in a brief window of neither Bean needing attention.

Look how big she's gotten!  Her hair is tied up with scraps of my T-shirting fabric actually!  Any how it's made of t-shirting and my usual Alabama Chanin pattern!

Small Bean was fairly uninterested in my sewing abilities.  At the moment she prefers to use me as an interactive climbing frame...