Thursday, 8 October 2015


I have been in love with this pattern of Eskimmi's for a while now.

However, I am also not brilliant at knitting in the round.  The thing is, I knew I wanted to make this for Xanthipe for her birthday, so with many deep breaths and steadying cups of tea (and some tears of frustration at my own inability to follow directions) I got down to it.

Look!  I did it!  I'm so pleased at how well it turned out! He's not perfect, but I am choosing to believe that his little imperfections give him character!


One of my small people saw my knitting it and wistfully remarked he'd like a hand knit Narwhal.  I think he might be out of luck though, as I have no intention of trying to knit another one any time soon!


  1. It is a narwhal of love, and currently in a platonic sofa relationship with Oh the Huge Manatee :)


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