Thursday, 22 October 2015

Introducing Ossia - Part 1

Yes I have a new character!  This year I am playing a Animal druid by the name of Ossia Cervidae.  I have made quite a few bits of kit for her, so I have decided to split this over several blog posts!

The dress is made of linen, cotton and some scraps of a poly lace that was from one of my mum's ball gowns.  The pattern is a heavily modified Simplicity 0501.

 I decided that as much as I love Hattie's gown, this year I wanted a dress I felt pretty in but could still run around in.  The accessories are what make this kit, I feel, but the dress provides a great, practical but still lovely base layer.

I bought the antlers on Etsy from here, and the tail came from here.  Everything else (gloves, leg warmers not pictured here, belt pouch and bag) I made.

The makeup is from a tutorial found here, that inspired the whole character!  Next up I'll show off her sleeveless robe and cape.

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