Monday, 29 June 2015

LL 36HR NPC Kit Part 3

The last piece of kit I made that I can show you is the robe for the healthy Brannon-Gwaith.  (I also made some fur trousers but they ended up unused so I don't have any photos).

I made this robe with a view to being similar in design tot he Blight Robe, but with a full strength Nature feel.

Above are some progress photos when I was part way through!

I cut the bottom of the robe into a dagged hem and covered it in all the leafy and flowery vine trim I could lay my hands on!  I added lacing to the back, so it would be a little more fitted and then covered it in green leaves the same shape as the ones on the Blight Robe.  I finished by adding a few beaded patches only this time the beads were in bright, light healthy colours.

Here's a pic of the full kit in action.  Once again the wool dreadlocks are from Woodland Wild and the antlers are from Skian Mhor.

Here's a pic of the kit piled up waiting to be put on.  Isn't the mask glorious?  I'm not sure where it's from sadly, or I'd link that as well!

Lastly, here's a pic of the Brannon-Gwaiths' together,  I think they look great, don't you?

I hope you've enjoyed checking out the NPC kit, on Thursday I have a long time WIP turned into an FO to show you!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

36HR NPC Kit - Part 2

I also made some of the other monster role kit for the 36hr!

Specifically I made Brannon-gwaith kit, both for when Blighted and after the patrol had cured him.

I started with the Blight version.  Using a handy friend as an average size monster I cut out a straight brown robe. We agreed that side slits helped the movement and I left the hem unhemmed.

I then couched a load of black cording onto the robe in swirls to symbolise the blight. After that I cut out a load of leaves in black and brown, and tacked them on then added patches of sickly looking beads.   Last but not least, I cut the hem into raggedy tatters.

This robe didn't take too long, mostly because hardly any of it was hemmed and it was deliberately raggedy and unkempt.  The GM's teamed it with some gorgeous dreads from Woodland Wild and broken antlers from Skian Mhor

Here's the finished kit!

This spike is a plot prop and was added to the robe by the GM's.

I think it all looked amazing!  Next week I'll show you the non-blight robe!

Monday, 22 June 2015

LL36HR NPC Kit Part 1

So, a week or so ago I got back from our 2nd camping larp of the year.  I monstered this one and played the role of plot dumping tribe leader.

For which I needed kit.  Obviously!  So I acquired some brown rayon and having remembered I had Simplicity 1251 uncut in my pattern stash I got busy.

I left off the needle felting due to a lack of time, but added some quick embroideries in variegated silk on the sleeves.  This is me modelling it as soon as I'd finished it!  

This is me on the Saturday morning of the larp, just before we timed in and I sent the party off to meet a talking tree. These photos were taken with the soft focus effect accidentally on (I didn't check the camera dial properly, oops!) but I quite like it.

As you can see, the hood has a super cute tassel.  It's a really comfy top/dress and I love wearing it.  Next time though, I might make the bell sleeves because I think they are pretty too!

 In case you're wondering, yes that is a mark on my face.  This tribe of elves have facial tattoos, which we applied with eyeliner!

Here's a slightly better pic of my facial (and chest) tattoo.  Oh and check out the adorable tiny antlers!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

DI Craft Swap - Dreams

Again, another late write up!

In this swap I sent to Gemma and Gayle sent to me.

This is what I sent Gemma.  I made the bag with corduroy, satin lining and one of my lovely clay buttons as made by Em

It has an adjustable strap and a tiny inner pocket.  I was really pleased with how it turned out!  I also sent Gemma a luggage tag, a scrapbook to record her travels and a wallet for things like a bus pass as she dreams of travelling.

Gayle sent me wonderful things!  It has been so long since I opened the parcel though and I must shamefully confess I didn't take photos at the time and now I rather think I've forgotten bits.  Gayle, if I have I'm so sorry!  I loved everything!

Gayle made me a beautiful dream catcher, some darumi fridge magnets and a lovely heart pictures with words from Wuthering Heights.  She also gave me a lovely post it note pad and a bag stuffed full of ribbons!

I really do enjoy these swaps!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Ship T-shirt

Quick post today as I am only just back from my weekend larping (we had a great time!) and I am attempting to fit in a lounch out as well as the usual post larp tidy!

So, here's the last t-shirt from my making spree in April!

It's the same blue t-shirting as the last one and another transfer from my handy little book.  The picture is a quick selfie in front on my bedroom mirror using my new camera!

Also, Happy Birthday to my Lil Sis!  Hope you're having a lovely day!

See you Thursday!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

DICraft Swap - Zodiac Theme

Ok, I am very behind on writing about these swaps!  Still, better late than never, right?

Today I want to talk about the zodiac swap where I sent to Hannah and Lauren sent to me.

Here's what I sent Hannah.

Hannah loves reading, so I embroidered her a starsign bookmark with french knots for the stars.  I also made her a keyring with beads to be the stars.

Lastly, I covered a notebook for her which I embroidered her name onto in rainbow rayon thread!  Nothing beats a bit of rainbow in my book!

Her bought gifts were a notelet set and some cupcake stickers.  Not strictly zodiac, but hopefully still fun gifts!

Lauren sent me a beautiful parcel, wrapped in the prettiest tissue paper that I was far too excited to stop and photograph!

As you can see she's made me a gorgeous wooden rose keyring and an awesome taurus constellation badge, then further spoilt me with some Scottish badges (which I adore), an amazingly nice scented candle and holder and a beautiful notecard that has a coaster pitcuring and Edinburgh streetmap on it!  Thank-you Lauren for all my lovely things!

As ever a huge thank-you to Hannah who organises this swap!  If you want to join in with this swap, please head over to Hannah at Dainty and Ivory.  This months theme is Countries and there's still time to sign up!

I'm off to Devon at the weekend, for the BathLARP Low Level 36hr and I'm really looking forward to a weekend with my friends in Caddihoe.  However, most excitingly I have made three pieces of super secret kit for the event, which I shall take photos of and share in all their glory when I'm recovered!

Monday, 8 June 2015

WIP Revisited

Just over a year ago I did a post on a few WIPs lurking around my house.  That post can be found here.

Since then I have kept working on all of them, but the one I want to update you on today is the crochet blanket.  Last time I showed you it, it looked like this

I have ummed and aahed about this blanket as I've worked on it and I finally came to a decision on my birthday.  I am going to make it big enough to cover a double bed and then it will be my camping blankie for snuggling in on cold evening when larping.

As you can see, I've managed to make it a fair amount bigger since last year!  So much so that I'm confident it'll be in use by autumn as I'm really enjoying crocheting this.  Clearly chunky yarn and a big hook is the way to go!

I am also enjoying the randomness of the colour as it's been bought one ball at a time since I ran out of stash (ok, 2 balls at a time since I got to the longer rounds).

I'm thinking another 4 rounds and some kind of edging should do it.  So keep watching this space for more progress!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Not-A-Boat Flag

So, when we had our 24hr Pirate games, one of the competitions was t design and make your own ships flag, with the materials that the 'pirates' provided.

As I love sewing and in character 'Hattie' touted needlework as one of her best skills, once we'd decided on a design, the sewing fell to me!

We went for a white background, rather than pirate black, to be sneaky and not look like pirates.  Other than that our design is not a boat!  Because we'd named our ship the good ship Not-A-Boat.  Mostly in order to confuse people.  It sort of made sense in character!

I used blanket stitch to attach the boat and a running stitch for the circle.

Here I am on the day, assembling it.  These three photos were all taken on Ruthwhoisnotablogger's camera.  I think the actual photographer was my awesome squire and general club kitchen minion.  Many thanks to both of them!

Blanket stitching the ship!

 Running out of time to finish the flag so speed sewing by this point!  We won that competition, which was really nice!  These days the flag is hanging of my mantelpiece, until I work out what I want to do with it.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Unintended Hiatus

Oops! Didn't quite mean to disappear for that long.  Still, I'm back now, this time with a shiny new working camera, a few bits and bobs to show and a determination to try and get back into the blogging groove.

For today however, I'd like to go off sewing and into cakes briefly as I've made a few recently!

This is my birthday cake which was a triple tier chocolate sponge with jam and butter cream, covered in butter cream swirls.  It was very tasty!

This is a victoria sponge, topped with butter cream and fresh strawberries, that I made for my amazing husband to congratulate him on getting a new job offer!

Because I was having fun when I baked the sponge, this is what the inside looked like!

I do love making marble cake!

Anyhow, I have another t-shirt to show you, some pirate kit still to show off, 2 swap posts to write up and some progress on my WIPs.  So that should keep us busy for a few weeks at least, right?  See you Thursday!