Monday, 29 June 2015

LL 36HR NPC Kit Part 3

The last piece of kit I made that I can show you is the robe for the healthy Brannon-Gwaith.  (I also made some fur trousers but they ended up unused so I don't have any photos).

I made this robe with a view to being similar in design tot he Blight Robe, but with a full strength Nature feel.

Above are some progress photos when I was part way through!

I cut the bottom of the robe into a dagged hem and covered it in all the leafy and flowery vine trim I could lay my hands on!  I added lacing to the back, so it would be a little more fitted and then covered it in green leaves the same shape as the ones on the Blight Robe.  I finished by adding a few beaded patches only this time the beads were in bright, light healthy colours.

Here's a pic of the full kit in action.  Once again the wool dreadlocks are from Woodland Wild and the antlers are from Skian Mhor.

Here's a pic of the kit piled up waiting to be put on.  Isn't the mask glorious?  I'm not sure where it's from sadly, or I'd link that as well!

Lastly, here's a pic of the Brannon-Gwaiths' together,  I think they look great, don't you?

I hope you've enjoyed checking out the NPC kit, on Thursday I have a long time WIP turned into an FO to show you!


  1. The masks are by Eternal Designs: :)


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