Thursday, 18 June 2015

DI Craft Swap - Dreams

Again, another late write up!

In this swap I sent to Gemma and Gayle sent to me.

This is what I sent Gemma.  I made the bag with corduroy, satin lining and one of my lovely clay buttons as made by Em

It has an adjustable strap and a tiny inner pocket.  I was really pleased with how it turned out!  I also sent Gemma a luggage tag, a scrapbook to record her travels and a wallet for things like a bus pass as she dreams of travelling.

Gayle sent me wonderful things!  It has been so long since I opened the parcel though and I must shamefully confess I didn't take photos at the time and now I rather think I've forgotten bits.  Gayle, if I have I'm so sorry!  I loved everything!

Gayle made me a beautiful dream catcher, some darumi fridge magnets and a lovely heart pictures with words from Wuthering Heights.  She also gave me a lovely post it note pad and a bag stuffed full of ribbons!

I really do enjoy these swaps!

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