Thursday, 4 June 2015

Not-A-Boat Flag

So, when we had our 24hr Pirate games, one of the competitions was t design and make your own ships flag, with the materials that the 'pirates' provided.

As I love sewing and in character 'Hattie' touted needlework as one of her best skills, once we'd decided on a design, the sewing fell to me!

We went for a white background, rather than pirate black, to be sneaky and not look like pirates.  Other than that our design is not a boat!  Because we'd named our ship the good ship Not-A-Boat.  Mostly in order to confuse people.  It sort of made sense in character!

I used blanket stitch to attach the boat and a running stitch for the circle.

Here I am on the day, assembling it.  These three photos were all taken on Ruthwhoisnotablogger's camera.  I think the actual photographer was my awesome squire and general club kitchen minion.  Many thanks to both of them!

Blanket stitching the ship!

 Running out of time to finish the flag so speed sewing by this point!  We won that competition, which was really nice!  These days the flag is hanging of my mantelpiece, until I work out what I want to do with it.

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  1. I'm still proud of my free-hand circle cutting for that :)


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