Thursday, 25 June 2015

36HR NPC Kit - Part 2

I also made some of the other monster role kit for the 36hr!

Specifically I made Brannon-gwaith kit, both for when Blighted and after the patrol had cured him.

I started with the Blight version.  Using a handy friend as an average size monster I cut out a straight brown robe. We agreed that side slits helped the movement and I left the hem unhemmed.

I then couched a load of black cording onto the robe in swirls to symbolise the blight. After that I cut out a load of leaves in black and brown, and tacked them on then added patches of sickly looking beads.   Last but not least, I cut the hem into raggedy tatters.

This robe didn't take too long, mostly because hardly any of it was hemmed and it was deliberately raggedy and unkempt.  The GM's teamed it with some gorgeous dreads from Woodland Wild and broken antlers from Skian Mhor

Here's the finished kit!

This spike is a plot prop and was added to the robe by the GM's.

I think it all looked amazing!  Next week I'll show you the non-blight robe!

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