Thursday, 28 August 2014

Discworld Convention Part Three - Sandra the Real Seamstress

My Seamstress outfit did differ from most other seamstresses but I don't care, I love it anyway!

Here's me at the actual con, complete with basket!

This is mostly to show all the layers I was in!  The corset was mostly to support all the other layers and make sure the silhouette was right. I didn't make the corset or the petticoat it must be said!

The skirt is a circular skirt with patch pockets and I embroidered a tiny mushroom on it.

The bodice has multiple patch pockets on it and again I embroidered little mushrooms on it!

I really like the mushroom motif and I desperately want to wear this again at some point.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Discworld Convention Part Two - Gala Dinner Outfit

Yes I know I said this'd be up on Thursday, sorry!  Life has this habit of getting in the way...

I wore my black silk skirt, a black cotton chemise and a black velvet bodice with silk ribbon embroidery.  Next time we go I will wear brighter colours I think, as despite the fineness of the fabrics I felt a little under dressed!

Here's my hotel room selfie, not much detail, sorry.  I was pleased with my hair though!

Here's me at the con, before we went to the pre-dinner gathering

And again (no pics at the dinner itself as I was mostly busy laughing, eating or watching the juggling).

And because you couldn't see it properly in the con pics here are some close ups on my bodice.  I am quite happy with my ribbon embroidery!

This is the back of my bodice where I put the biggest flower (and then covered it with my hair, daft me!).

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Discworld Convention! Part One

So, I went to the Discworld Convention last weekend and it was every bit as wonderful as I'd been lead to believe.  However, this blog is all about the kit so I shall tell you about the costumes I wore rather than going on (again for most of you) about how wonderful it was (it was THE BEST!).

I have 3 new outfits to show so this will be a three post thing!

I'm starting with my Magrat dress.  Mostly because Magrat is the most well known character I cosplayed.  She's nice and simple in that her main look is flowers in her hair, a green dress and lots of occult jewellery.

Apologies for the photos - a lot of the ones I took are selfies in my hotel room mirror!

I am blessed (if you can call it such a thing) with Magrat-y hair to start with, so the addition of a fake flower wreath sorted that.  For jewellery, I borrowed a lot of it off fellow larpers (huge thank-you to anyone who lent it to me!).

The dress is an unlined green cotton affair.  The pattern is Simplicity 2359.  I lengthened it and drafted my own sleeves.   I see Magrat as a slightly droopy sleeves kind of girl, so that was what I went with.

Here's me at the actual Con (the white thing round my waist is my con badge).  The costume was admired and it's a ridiculously comfortable dress to wear, so I will totally be using this again I think!

On Thursday I'll show you what I wore to the Gala Dinner.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Water bottle holder

It's always hard to be in armour and get enough liquid to stay hydrated!

So I ran up a super quick water bottle holder to hang off my belt. Apologies for the late night dodgy photos, I was in a hurry!

On Thursday I'll show you my costumes for discworld con.

Shield Cover

It's way cheaper to make a cover than buy a new shield if you want to use the same type of shield but also want it to match your look!

Here's a quick shield cover I ran up, complete with a hole for the boss to fit through!

It's made of green cotton, with a green cotton bias binding around the centre hole.

It has a cotton tape drawstring, not elastic as due to the shield being very flexible.  I was worried if the elastic was too tight I'd warp it!

And because this is a very quick dry post - have some bonus pictures of Small Bean (who is growing into a big bean!) showing her appreciation of the shield!

Look Mummy!  Auntie Luthaisea found me a new toy!

Cor this makes balancing easier!
As you read this I shall be on my way to Manchester for Discworld Con!  There's another scheduled post for Monday (as I'll still be in Manchester) and next Thursday I'll tell you all about it with any luck!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Water Mage Cape

More kit!  It is looking like we will have a lot of mages next year...

This is a cape from a modified version of McCalls 4139.

The fabric is a knit of some sort, that has wool needle felted to it.  Bizarre but very pretty!

Due to the fact the fabric was limited (charity shop finds for the win) the hood is made of a different colour.  To make it match I added a thin strip of the hood fabric to the main body.

It's lined in blue cotton and has a ribbon tie.  Not sure what the ribbon is, but it's not satin as I find satin doesn't always stay tied...

I think it will be a warm addition to the kit planned though!