Monday, 25 August 2014

Discworld Convention Part Two - Gala Dinner Outfit

Yes I know I said this'd be up on Thursday, sorry!  Life has this habit of getting in the way...

I wore my black silk skirt, a black cotton chemise and a black velvet bodice with silk ribbon embroidery.  Next time we go I will wear brighter colours I think, as despite the fineness of the fabrics I felt a little under dressed!

Here's my hotel room selfie, not much detail, sorry.  I was pleased with my hair though!

Here's me at the con, before we went to the pre-dinner gathering

And again (no pics at the dinner itself as I was mostly busy laughing, eating or watching the juggling).

And because you couldn't see it properly in the con pics here are some close ups on my bodice.  I am quite happy with my ribbon embroidery!

This is the back of my bodice where I put the biggest flower (and then covered it with my hair, daft me!).


Thank-you for dropping by!