Thursday, 7 August 2014

Shield Cover

It's way cheaper to make a cover than buy a new shield if you want to use the same type of shield but also want it to match your look!

Here's a quick shield cover I ran up, complete with a hole for the boss to fit through!

It's made of green cotton, with a green cotton bias binding around the centre hole.

It has a cotton tape drawstring, not elastic as due to the shield being very flexible.  I was worried if the elastic was too tight I'd warp it!

And because this is a very quick dry post - have some bonus pictures of Small Bean (who is growing into a big bean!) showing her appreciation of the shield!

Look Mummy!  Auntie Luthaisea found me a new toy!

Cor this makes balancing easier!
As you read this I shall be on my way to Manchester for Discworld Con!  There's another scheduled post for Monday (as I'll still be in Manchester) and next Thursday I'll tell you all about it with any luck!

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