Thursday, 29 August 2013

Seeker Who?

I started my new character for the year on Sunday!  Little different for me this year as due to having volunteered (I'm mad, I know I am) to co-GM this years campaign I decided to a) start my new character early and b) start her at rank 10 (new characters can start anywhere between ranks 2 and 10).

She's a flouncy, flouncy freedom priest with no name and no knowledge of her past life hence only being known as Seeker (the title given to freedom priests in our system).

 The kit is mainly made from scraps.  The coat fabric is the left overs of the Merida dress (a coat wool being used for an actual coat!).  The lining was bought some years ago for something I didn't end up making and the silver trim is from the doublet project!  The buttons were new though.

The hat is my very first attempt at hat making and I'm quite pleased with it for a practice piece.  The pattern is one a friend of mine made and I used the last of the buckram my gran gave me covered with corduroy.  Important hat making tip - corduroy is not the best fabric for this! 

 The hat is trimmed with a ribbon from my stash that I think came off a box of chocolates and some peacock feathers I got in a charity shop haul ages ago.

 It's lined with the same lining as the coat and has a herringbone tape band to tidy it all up.

Last but not least, I ran up a very quick unlined bag to store my notebook, water bottle and sandwich!

So there we go.  Seeker looks to be a lot of fun and the kit was a nice easy make for the most part!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Stash Fabric Skirt

When I made my mum's birthday bag I had some fabric left over so I decided to run up a skirt for myself.

The pattern was made up as I went along and in order to make it more a-line (my preferred skirt shape) I added gores.  Only, I didn't have enough corduroy so I located this brown lace in my stash (funnily enough from a ball gown of mum's...) and used that instead.

There's not much more to say about this really, except that it was a really fun sew and I'm looking forward to wearing this (it will probably go into my volunteering in the charity shop wardrobe).

Oh!  And I'm really proud of the zip insertion - has to be my best yet!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer Frock

I hope you've been enjoying as much warm and sunny weather as we've had here in the South West of England this summer! 

The only complaint I've had is I don't own nearly enough summer clothes!  So I decided to fix this and I ran up a cotton summer dress.

The fabric is an embroidered cotton we picked up in The Cloth Shop, last time I was in London and it's lined with a mustardy yellow lining fabric (because that's what I had in my stash).

 As with the last time I made this dress I used Simplicity 2398, version C but modified to have version A/B straps permanently attached.

This version has a rolled hem, for no other reason than I wanted to practise playing with my rolled hem foot.  Next week I'll show you my new character kit and a skirt I ran up from stash fabric.  Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, 19 August 2013


A while ago I mentioned that I've suffered an eye injury recently.  This has made hand sewing tricky, but the optician assures me that if I keep trying my brain will find ways to compensate and I should regain all my skills. 

With this in mind I packed my linen scraps, small embroidery hoop and threads when we went on a family holiday.  I made a few sketches (which you don't get to see because my drawing skills are non-existent...) and then in my spare moments doodled on linen with thread!  Below are the results.

I plan to incorporate these into Christmas gifts.  Not sure what or how as yet though!  Come back on Thursday when I'll show you my new summer frock.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Home from the Holidays!

I'm back!  The last couple of weeks have involved exciting things like camping, cream teas and frolicking in rivers so there has been less craft than normal, hence no posts.  That said we're home, I'm mostly caught up with boring tasks like laundry and housework (not completely, but this is me after all...) so I have time for a quick blog!

Last time she came to visit my mum bought me the scraps of my wedding dress fabric to use as she hasn't, on the proviso that I'd make her something small from them to keep.

It's a small heart to hang up in her study.  The front is my bridal lace backed with the silk of my wedding dress. 

 The back fabric is bridesmaid dress scraps!

The lace is not what I had at my wedding as we used all of that up on the actual dress, but this is a close similar found in my scrap basket!

Next week I'll show you some little embroideries I made on holiday and a summer frock I have run up!