Friday, 16 August 2013

Home from the Holidays!

I'm back!  The last couple of weeks have involved exciting things like camping, cream teas and frolicking in rivers so there has been less craft than normal, hence no posts.  That said we're home, I'm mostly caught up with boring tasks like laundry and housework (not completely, but this is me after all...) so I have time for a quick blog!

Last time she came to visit my mum bought me the scraps of my wedding dress fabric to use as she hasn't, on the proviso that I'd make her something small from them to keep.

It's a small heart to hang up in her study.  The front is my bridal lace backed with the silk of my wedding dress. 

 The back fabric is bridesmaid dress scraps!

The lace is not what I had at my wedding as we used all of that up on the actual dress, but this is a close similar found in my scrap basket!

Next week I'll show you some little embroideries I made on holiday and a summer frock I have run up!

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