Thursday, 29 March 2018

Floral Wreaths

Another Valentine's vampiric prop!  We had floral wreaths to crown the King and Queen with.

Here's a late night photo of me being proud I'd finished the first one! 

They are three tubes of fabric plaited and one of the tubes has a wire threaded through it.  The leaves are tiny ovals, turned inside out and stitched and the roses are my usual gathered tubes.

I didn't join the ends, so they can be adjusted to size.  I handstitched all the flowers and leaves to the wreaths and watched a lot of Stargate Atlantis in the doing!

 This have since left me to go to a new home and I'm very pleased about it as now I have an excellent excuse to make more roses!

Monday, 26 March 2018

Faux Victorian Undergarments

Such scandal!  It might just be that I found myself running around in only my undergarments at the last vampire game!  Oh and a kindly loaned jacket from a gentleman admirer!

I totally failed to get any photos of just the chemise and drawers but there you go - too busy having fun!

The drawers are made from a pirate pattern and have an elasticated waist and cuffs.  I added a lace trim and faux satin bows at the knee.  The chemise is well, made up mostly!  It was a rectangle I added sleeves and godets to, then I put darts in to take out as much excess fabric under the corset as I could.

This is me with the lovely NPC 'snacks'!  Who was also running around in her underwear, though for different reasons to me.

Great night, and such fun to have a different costume for a change!

Thursday, 22 March 2018


I made a little gift for two of my friends (both ic and ooc) at Vampire!

A buttonhole, for each of my 'boys' made from scraps of my court dress fabric!

The roses are made of gathered tubes of fabric, the leaves are velvet and machine embroidered and the stems are ribbon wrapped pipe cleaners.  I really enjoyed thinking them up and the 'boys' seemed to really like receiving them!

Monday, 19 March 2018

A New Denim Skirt

My beloved black jeans died on me so I made them into a new skirt just so as I could keep wearing them!

The extra fabric is a needlecord with a star print on it.

I've trimmed it with grey velvet ribbon and a black lace.

I made it between Christmas and the New Year, but totally failed to get pictures until we went to the park one chilly Sunday afternoon a few weeks back! So many thanks to Katy for taking the photos!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Doll Clothes!

I have a copy of a really rather lovely book, called The Dolls Dressmaker.  I'm sorry to say it's taken me many years to get around to making anything from it, but I'm so very glad I did!

This baby belongs to work and I really enjoyed making it a new wardrobe!

 I made this onsie out of blue fleece scraps and a spare zip I had.

 This top is t-shirting and the trousers are jersey weight knit fabric.  The top is fastened with velcro and the trousers have an elastic waistband.

 The nappy is probably my favourite thing!  It's linen, fastened with velcro (the pattern called for poppers, but I thought that might be too tricky for little fingers) and bound with a cotton bias binding.

The dress is cotton and trimmed with cotton lace.

I made the pinafore out of a cotton gingham and it's trimmed with cotton bias binding.

Everything was made from scraps in my stash and I had so much fun sewing all the tiny outfits!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tiny Crowns!

What can I say?  I love beading tiny crowns!

We used them as props in a vampire game, for the Valentine's King and Queen!  

I got the base crowns from Katy, then the black crown I added black beads and gold seed beads.

The red one got pearls, red seed beads and gold beads!  They were such fun to make!  I want an excuse to sew more now...

Monday, 5 March 2018

Bag Embroidery

I had such fun sewing this for a dear friend!

It's embroidered on calico and I made it into a self lined bag with red top stitching for a nice contrast.

The pattern is from Urban Threads and I thoroughly recommend them!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Looking Ahead To Summer

I made the two smallest pseudo nieces a new summer frock each.

Pink t-shirting with a silver crown print.

I used the a-line dress pattern that I love so much, and added ruffled sleeves and a ruffle on the hem.

Lizard was extremely impressed at her new dress and insisted on wearing it immediately

 It is a little large (huge in fact), but madam was still impressed!  So we had a hot chocolate to celebrate!

Catty asked for one as well, but was refused as cats and chocolate do not mix!