Monday, 26 March 2018

Faux Victorian Undergarments

Such scandal!  It might just be that I found myself running around in only my undergarments at the last vampire game!  Oh and a kindly loaned jacket from a gentleman admirer!

I totally failed to get any photos of just the chemise and drawers but there you go - too busy having fun!

The drawers are made from a pirate pattern and have an elasticated waist and cuffs.  I added a lace trim and faux satin bows at the knee.  The chemise is well, made up mostly!  It was a rectangle I added sleeves and godets to, then I put darts in to take out as much excess fabric under the corset as I could.

This is me with the lovely NPC 'snacks'!  Who was also running around in her underwear, though for different reasons to me.

Great night, and such fun to have a different costume for a change!

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