Monday, 27 February 2017

Climbing Trews

I wanted a new pair of climbing trousers as the old pair have somehow become my HEMA trousers.  I still had half the grey t-shirting though, so I just ran a new pair up!

They are exactly like the old pair with the exception of the hem which is sewn with a twin needle on this pair, just because I can.

I've been climbing in them a couple of times now and they've been fine!

As you can see, they work pretty well when I'm on the wall!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Vampiric Favours

At our last Bath Camarilla game the ladies were to be possibly courted by the gentlemen so I needed some favours just in case.  I ran up a few embroidered hankies to fit the bill!

White cotton and navy lace with Valentina's initials and her trademark rose embroidered on them.  One of the hankies was successfully won from her but the others were annoyingly not.  Oh well, another time perhaps?

Monday, 20 February 2017


I have sadly worn out a lot of my old aprons and as I have a new kitchen I figured it was time for a new apron!

It's made out of a purple cotton polkadot and I trimmed the pockets with white braiding and purple satin ribbon.

 The pattern is Butterick 5509 and the only addition I made was to add a small strap to stop the straps falling off my shoulders which I do with all my aprons these days.

It's comfy and pretty and I really like it!  So as a bonus have an action shot!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

New Larp Trews

The last pair I made have annoyingly shrunk, so I finally got round to making some new ones!

They are high waisted with an elasticated waistband and made from velour.

 There are side pockets by the knees which aren't the best but in seam pockets didn't really work.

 I'm quite happy with them for warmth and most importantly length!  Let's hope it's a fair while before I need to make another pair!

In case you are wondering, I'm quite happy with these photos, hence why you get to see so many!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Alice In Wonderland

I made Starbug a dress up dress for her birthday.  Alice in Wonderland is a big hit in that house so an Alice dress is had to be!

The skirt and bodice are that perennial favourite Party Dress by the Cottage Mama and I drafted sleeves, collar and an apron skirt myself.  It's made of blue and white cotton with a satin ribbon sash and like so many things too big for Starbug currently, but hopefully she'll fit it by the summer!

I am in love with this frock and I'm wondering if any of the other psuedo nieces would like to be disnefied?

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Long Cardie

So, I have been squeezing in some sewing this year, I promise!  It is so good to have a craft room and when I eventually find time to decorate it I will give you all a mini tour, but this is likely not to be for a while!

In the meantime let me show you a make I made with a very light weight knit I picked up in Germany.  It's so soft and silky to the touch!

 I've wanted a long cardie for a while, but never found one I liked in the shops.  I used this tutorial which I found whilst browsing Pinterest.

 It was a fairly quick sew and it feels great on!  Sadly, it's too lightweight to use yet but I can't wait for spring to come and warm up the outside so I can use it!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Craft Break

I do have some new things to show you, but first I want to show off my most amazing pseudo nieces, because I can!

Tiny Bean and Small Bean are growing like flies and so lovely!  Tiny Bean is into Everything (and requires constant supervision, much like her sister at that age),  Small Bean has a huge vocabulary that seems to be expanding at a rate of knots and a huge love of swords and the rocking horse.  Clearly like her mother and psuedo-aunt there then!

They both love books and everything stops for a story, love it! 

Speaking of people who love books...  Here's Lizard enjoying the Silmarillion last time she came round!  Cheeky monkey was supposed to be asleep but that never stops her!

 Look at that cheeky grin!  This is Lizard at someone else's birthday party.  Who's party?  Yes, you guessed it, Starbugs!  I can't believe it's been a year already!

Starbug is still my smallest pseudo niece by a long way, but she has the longest eyelashes of all!  She's a wriggly pickle and loves her kisses (which I am always happy to provide!).

 I love them all so much and I'm so pleased and touched and honoured to be part of their lives.