Thursday, 9 February 2017

Long Cardie

So, I have been squeezing in some sewing this year, I promise!  It is so good to have a craft room and when I eventually find time to decorate it I will give you all a mini tour, but this is likely not to be for a while!

In the meantime let me show you a make I made with a very light weight knit I picked up in Germany.  It's so soft and silky to the touch!

 I've wanted a long cardie for a while, but never found one I liked in the shops.  I used this tutorial which I found whilst browsing Pinterest.

 It was a fairly quick sew and it feels great on!  Sadly, it's too lightweight to use yet but I can't wait for spring to come and warm up the outside so I can use it!


  1. Yes! Join the ridiculously long cardigan club!

    1. Not til it's warmer or I miraculously get a heavier weight knit to work with :P


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