Monday, 1 June 2015

Unintended Hiatus

Oops! Didn't quite mean to disappear for that long.  Still, I'm back now, this time with a shiny new working camera, a few bits and bobs to show and a determination to try and get back into the blogging groove.

For today however, I'd like to go off sewing and into cakes briefly as I've made a few recently!

This is my birthday cake which was a triple tier chocolate sponge with jam and butter cream, covered in butter cream swirls.  It was very tasty!

This is a victoria sponge, topped with butter cream and fresh strawberries, that I made for my amazing husband to congratulate him on getting a new job offer!

Because I was having fun when I baked the sponge, this is what the inside looked like!

I do love making marble cake!

Anyhow, I have another t-shirt to show you, some pirate kit still to show off, 2 swap posts to write up and some progress on my WIPs.  So that should keep us busy for a few weeks at least, right?  See you Thursday!

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