Thursday, 2 July 2015

WIP into and FO

Yes, it's time to show I've finally finished off another WIP!

I've been working on this whilst waiting at the school gates for a term, so it's been very slow but steady progress!  A friend came over and sat with me on Friday afternoon whilst I put the last few stitches in!

I then washed, dried and ironed it and here's the end result!

One cotton lawn white work embroidered shawl!  It will probably be used as new vampire kit as we're going to be starting and 1880's chronicle later in the year.

 It's very comfy and the embroidered border goes along both short sides with a more intricate 'knot' at the point.

 It's quite large but that makes it super comfy!

I like how it sits on my shoulders and I am really pleased that I've finished it but I have no intention of sewing another!

 Have some fun close ups of the embroidery, now I've figured out how to do that on my camera!

Oh and if you liked the mask in my last post, it came from Eternal Designs!

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