Monday, 20 July 2015

New Arrival!

I have become a pseudo-auntie for the second time!  Small Bean is a somewhat disgruntled big sister and Tiny Bean is a delightful addition to the world.

Clearly, such events need to be celebrated, so accordingly I made a few gifts!

The dress is from this tutorial.  I used red and blue cotton and a fancy machine stitch for my top stitching.  The buttons are adorable wooden ones painted with flowers. 

I decided to run up a nappy cover to match and went with this tutorial.  I used more blue cotton and did a few lines of the fancy stitching across the bottom.  The elastic was a little fiddly to thread, but I managed in the end!

Lastly, these little shoes, which I found instructions for here.  I made these the first night we thought labour was about to happen, as I was waiting for the call to go look after Small Bean.  In the end it didn't happen for another 5 days and Small Bean and I had a very enjoyable Saturday together!

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