Thursday, 9 July 2015

Indulgent Day Dress

So, on a trip to the fabric shop some months ago I bought a lovely navy t-shirting with a purple and white butterfly print on it. 

Fast forward to last Friday and I decided that on my day off I was going to make something for me and what I was going to make was going to be a maxi dress, using Alabama Chanin and the Grey Spot Dress as my inspiration.

I made it more or less the same, only I added another ruffle onto the skirt to make it longer.  Apologies for the dodgy photos, I forgot to take any until I came home from the birthday party I went to that evening!

I made this in about four hours, though I didn't rush it.  It's a very comfy dress and I felt very pretty wearing it!

I suspect there will be more Alabama Chanin dresses in my future!  I do dearly love everything I've made from it so far!

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  1. That's a really pretty dress. Good work!



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