Thursday, 30 July 2015

Adventures in Fruit Picking

Once again, I've strayed from the sewing machine.  Mostly in the name of fruit acquisition and adventures to farm shops (when not in a larp my adventures are of the tamer variety).

On Monday my Squire and I headed of in search of a pick your own.  We wanted redcurrants and raspberries and in Pucklechurch we found both!

 All of the above photo's were kindly taken by my Squire on her phone as I left my camera at home.  Fail!

We came away with 1.6 kg of raspberries and exactly 1kg of redcurrants.  Look out for more jelly escapades in the near future!

My fruit adventures continued on to Tuesday when I was walking home from work.  I decided to take the longer route and come along the canal path then through Linear Park.

I found blackberries along the towpath (and a fair few friends to catch up with!), then in the park I found wild plums!  I'm not sure why this excites me as much as it does, because I left home vowing never to eat a plum again and up til now I haven't.  But the ripe wild plums tempted me and so I bought them home and made crumble.

beautiful tiny wild plums!

Wild Plum Crumble
I have a cape and a cloak made, that just need their owners to model them for me and then they will be on the blog, so hopefully next week I'll have actual larp kit to show again!

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