Monday, 18 November 2013

Rainbow Shopping

I have spent most of this weekend in the South East, at my parents, celebrating my awesome Granny's birthday.  A good time was had by all and I loved catching up with my cousins in particular (lets not leave it so long next time though, yeah?).

The reason for me telling you this is, of course, that I thought you might like to see my birthday gift for my Granny!

It's not the most exciting of gifts, but everyone needs a shopping bag, right?

I embroidered the rainbow at my Monday night craft group, it's all chain stitch on linen.

 The lining is a cheerful poly cotton print I had in my stash and the colour stripes are all from various projects I've made at one time or an other.  In fact, regular readers may be able to play 'spot the project'!

I do love rainbows.  There's something so very cheering about them.  This little project brightened up my grey November days and I hope it brightens up my Granny's house.


  1. I can really imagine Granny carrying it around! It suits her!

    Also, the orange being patterned and the rest of the colours being plain looks really good, and like you bought fabric especially to make it look like that. :-)

    1. Rainbows do really make me think of Granny, I think it's from when she made those giant silk panels when we were all little!

      I also like the effect of the patterned orange, though I must confess it's a happy chance rather than anythng planned!


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