Monday, 11 November 2013

Knitted Things!

So, here are the rest of the results of our knit along!

We made gloves and a hat each.

 Ta-daah!  As you can see, Amy used the same colour yarn for all of hers whilst I had different colours.

The hat is Autumn Pixie Hood by Tori Carroll  and was the biggest of the three things we picked.  Once we got to the repeat section we both got on pretty well, but the ribbing was evil.

 The gloves are Lacey Wristlets by Angela Juergens and despite several false starts by us both, they were great fun to knit!

 What we have learnt about knitting:-  

We like lace knitting.
We like chunky wool and needles
Youtube is our friend!
Knitting should not be attempted when tired


We are currently looking for a new project to continue to build on these things.  Any suggestions greatly welcomed!  Also, drop by on Thursday and see what happens when I have a tiny person and a tiny amount of fabric to play with!

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