Monday, 26 March 2012

A Shirt for an Archer and a Mini-Adventure

Sorry about dropping of the radar briefly last week.  My computer died, and for a while we didn't know if my files and whatnot were recoverable, so I didn't have any photos to share.  However now I have a rather shiny new laptop and all my files have been saved.  Hurrah!

So yes, one red shirt for Felix the Archer.

 These are the boring pictures, mostly so I can show of the very pretty red shell buttons I found for it.  It's red cotton and the pattern is Simplicity 2895.  I was very pleased with the plackets and yoke this time, as I managed to make them so neat I couldn't work out which was the right and wrong side...

And here it is about to be used for the first time.  I really like how the shirt has been colour co-ordinated to the quivers!

Today I went on a mini-adventure - one of those wonderful spur of the moment outings!  After work I headed into town and my friend and I went to the Fashion Museum, which is a lovely place where you can go and look at clothing examples from the 1600's through to predicting this summers coming trends.  We didn't bother with the audio guides (We've both been several times before), but we did stop to do a little dress up...

This is me modelling one of the many corsets and crinoline hooped underskirts!  The corset wasn't very exciting (I own a fair few with steel boning already), but I wanted it to help the crinoline sit properly.  I have decided that a crinoline is now officially on my to make list.  I love the shape it gives!

Oh, and just to show that you can sit down in a corset and what is essentially a wire skirt...

So, that was my Monday.  How was yours?

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