Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bath Lit Fest, A Sneaky Peek!

It's not often I can blog about kit before I use it, but as I'm all set with this outfit in plenty of time I thought I'd show it off a day early!

Tomorrow is the start of the Bath Lit Fest and we got asked to go along.  We're playing survivors of the battle of Dyrham and need Dark Ages Kit.  Nothing I have is that suitable, but I do love the look and I had some trim that was the right sort of thing, so I begged some fabric of my mum, ordered army blankets from the internet and away I went.

I think it's kind of fun!
It's a very simple pair of dresses.  I made the over dress first by using my shoulder measurements at the top and making an A-line shape down the dress to end mid calf.  The sleeves are the scraps of uncut blanket folded over, stitched and given a basic shoulder shape at the top. I then over locked the raw edges and trimmed it mainly to hide the over locking.

The under dress is cotton voile (for authenticity it should be linen, but oh well).  It has the same shape as the over dress but slightly narrower arm holes and the sleeves narrow and obviously sleeves and bottom hem are longer than the over dress.

It's belted by a long strip of left over army blanket.  Tomorrow when I wear it I plan to hang my larp dagger off the belt, but I need to find the scabbard first.  If I get time this evening then I also plan to make a small pouch to hang of my belt which will contain my phone and keys etc.

Sorry I didn't post on Monday but I spent most of last week suffering toothache and spring cleaning so I didn't have a lot to show you.  Not hugely sure if I'll have much next week either.  I am working on things but they are large and complicated and therefore unlikely to be done in a week.  So I must beg indulgence for my absences!

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