Thursday, 24 September 2015

Rose Remade

My first ever larp character is a healer called Rose.  The first bit of her kit that appears on this blog is a brown dress as seen here.

Only...  As you can see the fit wasn't amazing and I quickly decided I didn't like it all that much.

Now, her original ever day kit was (dare I admit it?) getting a little tight.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make new every day kit by re making the dress to fit me better.

I made a new chemise in the italian renaissance style and a new bodice out of the original green suede.

I adore the sleeves on the chemise!  So pretty!  The cuffs are a simple tie that I gathered the sleeve fabric into.  They fasten by tying a bow.

To make up for the fact I no longer wear her arm bracers I beaded her holy symbol and added the patch to the bodice.  It's also trimmed with a pretty rose ribbon and laced with the original brown dresses cording.

Many thanks to my wonderful photographer Sam, for helping me squeeze these photos in before I went off larping!  The chemise, in  case you are wondering has had two launderings and is nearly back to pristine white...

Obligatory silly face pic

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