Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Very Smart Gentleman (Or Two)

 As promised a while ago!  Photos of my amazing husband in his waistcoat and cravat that I made him.  Both are very basic patterns, as I pretty much ran out of time...  One of these days I swear I'm going to find the right stress/productivity level.  But sadly it wasn't this time.

 The waistcoat is made from scraps of my latest steam punk over skirt and features my some of my favourite buttons.  I'd tell you where I get them from, but I know they aren't getting anymore and I want to buy them all!

The cravat is made from my jacket scraps and finding a scrap long enough was a little tricky, but I just about managed it.  Funnily enough though, I got asked to make a cravat for a future larp character just a few weeks later!

So that was a very quick and easy sew.  This cravat was made to go with an existing jacket.  I mended the jacket so I think he's all set and when the new campaign starts I'll make sure to get pictures!

I spent last week making a skirt only to get it as far as trying on and decide I look dreadful in it.  So it's been hung in the wardrobe for now whilst I try to work out what to do about it and I have searched the pattern box, found an old favourite and gotten to work on a new skirt!

I'm off to see my in laws for the rest of this week, so I may well inflict a proud auntie post on you all, as my amazing niece (who I taught to crochet!) is apparently busy crafting away and dying to show me her latest progress!

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