Thursday, 18 December 2014

And Back

Here I am again.  Firstly, a huge, huge thank-you to all my friends for looking after me.  I have been very well cared for (and fed copious amounts of ice cream and cake).  I've also spent time with family and generally been sorting myself out.

Doesn't mean I stopped crafting though.  Sadly, most of what I've made has been Christmas presents so I still can't show you. 

I have however, run up a new bag for a friends little person to take to nursery. 

It's a very simple drawstring rucksack, designed to a spare set of clothes and the ever popular nursery A5 diary.

Mummy and Daddy choose the pale blue print and asked for pink accents.  The lace around the name was my idea - I couldn't resist it as a finishing touch!

My favourite part of this is that the name tab is actually a tiny pocket, so when my wee one is a bit bigger she can transport her special treasures in there.  It's all cotton and washable and so should last well!

Next week I'll be around on Monday and Thursday as normal, though Monday is likely to be another random update.  After that though, I can show you all my Christmas makes, at last!

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  1. I approve of both the practicality and the gender neutrality-ish-ness :)


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