Thursday, 18 February 2016

Welcome Starbug!

A couple of weeks ago I became a pseudo-Aunty to my fourth pseudo-niece!  She's tiny (really, so tiny, I'm not sure I've ever held a smaller baby) and gorgeous.  She also has geeky parents so the choice of birth gift was clear...

 Yes that's a cthulu onsie!  I used the pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee book (it's actually for a teddy bear pram suit), but I left off the ears, added wings and tentacles and made it in green fleece.

I'm stupidly proud of the wings, because I sketched the pattern shape myself and I'm naff at drawing so to have them turn out so well is great!

Please excuse the awful photos, they were taken in a hurry late at night!

The hood decoration is also fleece as are the eyes - I didn't want anything hard that could hurt Starbug's head.  It does up with poppers down the front as I feel that any other method of closing babies clothes is really mean on the parents (and shows the maker has never had to bundle a squirmy baby into said clothing...).

Sadly, she is going to have to wait quite a while to wear this as it came out a bit on the large side, but with any luck that's her hallowe'en costume sorted!  If  it's been grown out of or still doesn't fit by then, fear not for I have plans to make her a teeny tiny Alice in Wonderland Costume!

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