Monday, 17 April 2017

Belt Loop Sashes

Sorry for Thursday's unintended miss, I was so busy prepping for a family party on Good Friday I forgot to post!

Anyway, today's post is a set of belt sashes made for some LT Vipers (if you are one of the Vipers who's had a sash made for you, hullo!  I hope you like it and for pity's sake, don't launder it!)

There are 12 in total, 11 'plain' ones and one slightly more fancy one for the group leader.  The plain ones are made of blue poly-cotton and are bagged out with the loop space at the top just hemmed so a belt can pass through it. 

 The tree emblems are a transfer to ensure total accuracy of their group emblem.

The leader's one is backed in cotton velvet  and trimmed with a narrow silver ribbon.  I also gave it a different shape at the bottom, just because I could.  I was given a lot of freedom with this make and I'm very grateful for being allowed to have fun with other people's kit!

Don't they all look smart together?

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