Monday, 24 July 2017

Tiny Monster Kit

Ages ago now I made Lizard and her friend tiny monster kit, because the idea got stuck in my head and it was too cute not to!

Little black sweatshirts (Lizard's is long because I like a long jumper but I shortened the other one as her friend is not yet walking).

 I know Lizard loves her jumper and has already worn it out and about.  In fact, all the pseudo-nieces are gratifyingly happy with their hand made clothes!

Apologies for the sideways-ness of this photo.  Blogger is not behaving!  Anyway I made them both tiny velour tracksuit bottoms to go with their jumpers!  

This is largely because I have velour tracksuit bottoms to monster in and I figured I may as well continue my theme of accessorizing Lizard to match my outfit!

Sorry this is a late post, I've been having some problems getting Blogger to play ball.

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