Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Tudor Gentleman

I don't often make elaborate men's costumes but when I get the chance, I enjoy it!

This outfit comprises of three garments that I made, a doublet, jerkin and over robe.

And here is the lovely Gentleman Gamer in his kit.  Doesn't he look dashing?

First up is his doublet, from Simplicity 4059.  I used the short version but added the sleeves, which I modified by not buttoning them up.

It's made of needlecord and lined in lining fabric.  Oh! I also added a mandarin collar!

Next up, we have a jerkin,  This is made from  he same pattern as the doublet.


 Aren't those pretty buttons?  I love them!  No idea what fabric this is made from I'm afraid as I dug it out of the stash to colour match the over-robe and it worked so well I ended up using it!

The over-robe is made from wool, has a fake lining of cotton and is trimmed in cotton velvet.  I loosely based it on Butterick B5626, but I drafted my own robe back and front in the end.

I had a lot of fun making all of this and I think he had as much fun wearing it!

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