Thursday, 31 May 2018

Happy Birthday Me Part 2

On my actual Birthday we visited Arnos Vale.  Possibly not to everyone's taste but I had a lovely time!

This time, I wore a circle with an Alabama Chanin t-shirt bodice and a circle skirt which was drafted by the fabulously talented Katy (who also helped sew it, because I decided I needed this dress with less than 48hrs before I actually needed to put it on because I'm clever like that...)

The petticoat is one I already owned and the waist sash was very hastily made from faux satin.  The dress itself is a gorgeous floral print t-shirting.

It's a very fun outfit and I can't wait to wear it again!

That said, petticoats add quite a weight to you, don't they?

 Lots of photos, because why not?

Parasols, incidentally, are amazing and I encourage everyone I know to acquire one!

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