Tuesday, 31 August 2010


So, I fail badly at this regular posting idea.  This is partly down to a holiday and partly down to a manic social life and partly down to be useless at actually taking pictures off my camera and putting them on this computer.   Oopsie?

So anyway,  I finished the project I mentioned in my last post!  It's a skirt, made to my own pattern and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Here it is!

It consists of 5 A-line panels, interspersed with 4 kite shaped panels.  I started by hemming each panel, as I've found it's easier to do this at the start then try and hem the odd shape I ended up with!  I sewed all the panels together in a long line, then stitched the A-line panels together for a quarter of their length so that the kite shaped panels were stuck behind them. 

Then I pressed the kite shaped panels and then put in a zip and connected the 2 back A-line panels.  I finished the skirt with a waistband attached at the front, folded over and then machine stitched again.  Not entirely invisible but it will be stronger and as this is for LARP kit I decided strength was better  than aesthetics.

As you can see it contains a fair amount of fabric!

I think it looks really cool, and I am very tempted to make one for me :D

I also made a lace over skirt to go with it, for more formal occasions.


This is much simpler.  I made a rectangle of fabric into a tube and pleated it attaching it to a ribbon for a waistband with a hook and eye fastening.  The fabric is very lovely and it swishes nicely.

I'll try and do another entry soon.  You'll either get to read about how I make satchel style bags or my struggles with wizard robe design!

And last but never least, many thanks to the lovely Ruth for letting me post about her skirt and modelling for pics :D

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