Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I know, once again I'm failing on the regular updates and I'm sorry!  Last week I made a lot of stuff that for various reasons can't be shown on here and that makes for a very uninteresting post I'm afraid.

However, since Saturday I have been working on a slightly more unusual (for me anyway) project.  I've made a banner!  This is to take to Winter in the Willows Larp at the weekend.

Please excuse the messiness of my house...

 W.I.T.S (whiskers Independent Trading Syndicate)  is the name of our faction and 'Things Done' is our tag/slogan/motto. The red writing is fake silk appliqued on which was a relatively simple job.  The gold writing it thickish cord appliqued on which was a horrible job because despite my best pinning efforts it slid all over the shop!

Caravans are a little beyond my artistic skill...

The picture is a mix of velvet, taffeta, cotton, lining fabric and wadding to give an interesting mix of texture.  Sadly this doesn't show up to well in the picture.

I just think the rabbits are cute!

I'll apologise now, because the likelihood of another post this week is slim to none.  I'll try and do a few extra next week, to make up for it!

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