Monday, 1 November 2010


I'm back from witw :)  A good time was had, but possibly more excitingly in terms of this blog, I made a lovely new friend, who very kindly taught me to crochet!

I started normally with a chain in wool.  Then as we were doing this in character it got suggested that crochet out of wire would be more useful.  As I had a reel of jewellery wire on me and I'm mad enough to go for a challenge like that...  I may have made a circlet/headband thing.  Oops?

Sorry this isn't the clearest of photos...

For the most part it's just a chain.  The thicker bit is a treble stitch (I think?) but it doesn't really work well in the  wire.  It does however look quite funky in a modern jewellery kind of way!

Then, mostly to see if I could remember what I was taught I made a tiny square up today!

Again, sorry about the photo!

I'm not entirely sure that I've done it right, but I'm still quite proud of my first and second pieces of crochet!

This evening I have a cushion I want to sew, which looks fairly simple so hopefully I'll have something to show you all tomorrow as well!

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