Monday, 29 November 2010

Sentimental Stuff

So, after a week of standing silent I set the sewing machine in motion again yesterday!  I'm off to a steam punk larp in march and whilst  I'm not making all new kit I'm planning on adding considerably to my wardrobe by making all the little detailed things I didn't have time for last time.

First things first, I made this...

Petticoats are an amazing invention!
I'm planning to use this to bulk my skirts out a little.  It's kind of sentimental to me though, as the fabric is the lining fabric spares from when my mum made my wedding dress (yup my wedding dress was lined in blue) and the lace was given to me by my gran.

Pretty delicate fabric and lace, what more could I want?
This is the 4th time I've made this skirt or a variant of, so it was a reasonably easy sew.  the lace was also easier to add than I was expecting, which was a bonus!

I love how the lace looks like fans
In other crafty type news I'm knitting a scarf to a pattern!  Ok, the pattern is one line long, but it's still a pattern!  It's looking quite pretty and more importantly the intended recipient has given her approval.

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